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Brautigam Expedition Works

Twig Saver Gear Hook

Twig Saver Gear Hook

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Kit or additinal hooks

The Twig Saver Gear Hook is an ultralight solution to hang your pack on a tree or post, made from pure titanium, this kit features a no-knot design to quickly set up and hang your pack or gear off the ground. Quickly sling the Twig Saver around a tree and have a gravity water filter at the right height when setting up camp. The Twig Saver is scalable by adding more to the same tie line, perfect for setting up a camp kitchen or just hanging your personal items off the ground.


Materials- Pure titanium (hook) & UHMWPE (cordage)

Weight- 4 grams with cordage, 2 grams per hook. 

Size- Overall .5" x .75" x .75" with a hook capacity of something ~.38" diameter that's rigid or 1" webbing that is soft. 

Fits trees up to 16" diameter. 

Max capacity is 40 lbs. 


Not a load bearing device for people or where people may become injured. Intended to support gear just above the ground and not overhead. 





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