About Us

Founder: Pete Brautigam, the owner and craftsman behind Brautigam Expedition Works LLC, has dedicated the past two decades perfecting his skills in engineering and constructing robust industrial tools. Pete's passion for craftsmanship has been a lifelong calling that originated during his high school years and can be seen in all of his products.

Passion for the Outdoors: Beyond his expertise in industrial tools, Pete's heart lies in the great outdoors, particularly in the challenges of thriving in sub-zero temperatures, paddling the lakes and rivers, and bike-packing anywhere his two wheels will take him. In his time outdoors he finds solace, excitement and inspiration for his product offerings.

Innovation in Gear Design: Drawing from his extensive experience and love for the wilderness, Pete has often taken matters into his own hands, designing and fabricating much of his outdoor gear. This drive for innovation led him to establish Brautigam Expedition Works LLC in June 2022.

Mission: Brautigam Expedition Works strives to revolutionize the outdoor product industry through commitment to durability, sustainability and meticulous design.

Products: Explore our range of outdoor products, each meticulously engineered for durability and functionality. From winter camping solutions to everyday gear essentials, we are dedicated to enhancing your outdoor experience.