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Brautigam Expedition Works

Otter Camp Wood Stove Ash Shovel

Otter Camp Wood Stove Ash Shovel

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Made from Titanium or 304 Stainless Steel, this ash shovel is designed to work specifically with hot tent wood stoves by being able to fit inside a 4" nesting pipe when stored and just short enough to fit into an 18 inch fire box.

Both the titanium and stainless steel versions have the same strength, the titanium version is almost half the weight. If you're not concerned about an extra couple ounces, the 304 Stainless Steel version would be a good fit.


-Titanium construction or 304 Stainless Steel


-3.125" x 4" shovel head with 1" tall sides.

-17.7" long overall.

-Titanium version weighs 3.5oz

-304 Stainless Steel version weighs 5.8oz


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