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Brautigam Expedition Works

Titanium Pack Shovel

Titanium Pack Shovel

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A titanium shovel like you've never seen before. Made from high strength titanium alloy that is heat treated beyond the strength of many steel alloys. Truly a durable tool that is engineered to be a heirloom product. The Titanium Pack Shovel is perfect for those that are avid bushcrafters, campers, metal detectors, foragers, etc. This shovel is designed for light limbing, chopping and baton splitting of firewood in addition to digging. Sized nicely to fit along or inside a backpack and weighs so little you'll forget you have it on you until it's needed. Will not rust, corrode or interfere with compass readings.

The titanium handle has ergonomics in mind, the lower grip helps with twisting, slipping and helps with leverage. 


Weight- 10.8oz with straight handle, 11.8oz with T-handle.

Dimensions- 21" overall length, 6" wide shovel head. fits nicely inside or attached to a backpack.

All welded construction, high-strength titanium alloy for the most durable construction imaginable, no hardware to work loose. 

beveled edges to assist with digging, chopping roots, limbs and light splitting.

Lifetime Warranty.

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