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Titanium Folding Camp Saw

Titanium Folding Camp Saw

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The BEW titanium folding camp saw dubbed the "BEW Saw" is made from high strength titanium alloy to be the strongest and lightest folding bow saw on the market of equal size. This patent pending design uses no cams or wing nuts to create the tension of the blade while allowing for blade stretch. This saw is assembled similar to stringing a long bow, simply flex the frame to allow the blade to slip in place. The round tubing is more ergonomic, cutting down hand fatigue. Titanium happens to be a terrible heat sink, so rest assured that this saw will not draw the heat out of your hand like an aluminum saw will in the winter. The "BEW Saw" not only saws better, it will feel better cut after cut.

The 21" and 24" saw is ideal for bikepackers, hikers, canoe camping, overlanding and big game hunting. Features an optional stainless bone/meat blade to expand the capability of this saw. The ultimate ultralight saw.

The 30" and 36" saw is great for winter camping, trail clearing teams, guides, etc. Can be used with two people to really speed up wood processing.


-Round tubing, does not twist or rack, reduces blade binding and feels better in the hand.

-Fully welded precision hinge with bushings. Smooth operation year after year, truly commercial duty. No pop rivets or pins that can get lost or loosen up.

-High strength Titanium alloy frame is stronger than steel yet weighs half as much.

-Will not rust, or weather in the sun, Salt and UV light proof.

-Blade stores safe inside the frame.

-Uses standard, easy to find wood bow saw blades.

-Tool-less blade change.

-Frame and bone blade is dishwasher safe.

-Common wood stove length graduations standard on all 30" and 36" saws.

All saws feature a soft sleeve style case made from durable 500D Cordura. The 21" & 24" case has a cord tie to keep weight to an absolute minimum and the 30" and 36" cases feature a made in-house titanium G-hook for extreme weather use. 


Technical specifications-

21" - 8" diameter cutting capacity. 14.8oz with wood blade only, 13.7oz with Big Game or Metal cutting blade. Soft case adds 1.75oz.

24" - 8" diameter cutting capacity. 15.5oz with wood blade only, 14.5oz with Big Game or Metal cutting blade. Soft case adds 2.0oz.

30" - 9" diameter cutting capacity. 18.5oz with wood blade only, 17.5oz with Big Game blade. Soft case adds 2.5oz.

36" - 10" diameter cutting capacity. 21.5oz, with soft case 24oz.


These saws are built to order. Please allow 2-5 days to build prior to shipping.


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