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Badger Wood Stove Rake

Badger Wood Stove Rake

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The Badger Wood Stove Rake saves weight by combining the functionality of an air bellow and a wood stove rake.


Rake hot coals to the front of the wood stove to get a better burn and gather oxygen.

Nurse coals back to life with the bellows feature.

Unique profile is designed to scrape creosote from inside the stove pipe prior to storage.

Adjust your damper or vent or move a pot of water without burning yourself.

Fits inside the Otter Wood Stove Shovel & inside a 3" diameter stove pipe for storage.


100% titanium construction

Surgical Grade Latex tubing (can be used without)

3" wide rake head

Weighs 2.1oz with tubing.

Three sizes to choose from:

Small is 12.5" long. Designed for stoves with less than a 14" firebox.

Medium is 17.5" long, designed for stoves with an 18" firebox.

Large is 20.5" long, designed for stoves longer than 18"



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