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Raccoon Wood Stove Pipe Support

Raccoon Wood Stove Pipe Support

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Save time and effort by using a wood stove pipe support for your hot tent. The largest in this series is designed to be used on any nesting pipe that is 5" at the stove ending at the top of the stack at 4" in diameter. The 3" model is designed for a 4" to 3" nesting pipe.  Simply slip this over the last stove pipe section and guy out where you see fit. This keeps all sections of the pipe secure and elevated for proper draft.

Made from 304 Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Complete kit includes:

-Stove Pipe Ring with cordage tabs

-Abrasion resistant and freeze resistant cordage.

-High quality aluminum clips

-Color coded shock cord to identify orientation once your length is set, this will help you not have to make major adjustments each time you set up. The shock cord also helps keep the cordage wound on the support ring during storage. Large loops are made so setup and storage is easy with gloves on, designed for the cold!

-Instruction pamphlet

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