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Muskrat Titanium Spork Spatula Combo

Muskrat Titanium Spork Spatula Combo

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Originally developed by a good friend of mine, Muskrat. There's no better way to honor him and this neat tool than to name it after him. I saw the value in this device, this will reduce weight and overall pack size by combining both the Mink Long Spork & the Fisher Mini Spatula. This is a great tool for the solo camper.


100% Pure Titanium

Weighs 22g

9.38" long overall, 2" wide at the spatula end & the handle length is 5.5"

Anodized to order.

Offered in Natural (raw titanium finish), Anodized Brown, Anodized Purple, Anodized Blue & Anodized Teal.

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