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Brautigam Expedition Works

Long Titanium Spork

Long Titanium Spork

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This might be the perfect titanium long reach backpacking spork on the market. Finally a spoon that is long enough to reach into MRE's or pouch type backpacker meals, this spork measures just over 9.65" long. This spoon is long enough to even eat your meal with gloves on.


Made from 100% pure Titanium

9.65" long x 1.75" wide

Weighs just 17grams

Holes lower weight while adding grip.

Oversized carabiner hole.

Square bottom to reach the bottom of a backpacker meal.

Satin finish on the handle.

Anodized to order, offered in Natural (un-anodized), Solid colors such as Brown, Purple, Blue & Teal. Rainbow colors include a dark & a light rainbow. Dark rainbow consists of mostly brown transitioning to purple/blue. Our light rainbow colors start out brown/blue then transition to yellow/pink.

Note: Along with making these, the anodizing is also done by hand, there are color variations and color transition variations, I believe this adds to the uniqueness to each piece and truly expresses the character of each and every spoon I create.

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