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Folding Bow Saw Tension Repair Kit

Folding Bow Saw Tension Repair Kit

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Do you have a folding bow saw that has seen a fair bit of use? Has the tension not been what it used to be with no easy way of getting the blade tighter?

Well, I have developed the ultimate folding bow saw tension restore kit.

This kit will work with most aluminum channel folding bow saws that are currently made or hard to find these days.

How it works-

The slots that are cut on these saws are cut to a length from the manufacturer, this sets the tension when new. When the saw is subject to heavy use after just a couple of seasons, the blade will lose tension because the blade is harder than the arm of the saw. The small slot in the saw will get longer and the blade will ever so slightly get loose after each use.

This kit uses Grade 5 high strength Titanium, which is more durable than the aluminum on the saw frame, this will stop the blade from cutting itself further into the saw. The use of solid rivets will allow years of reliable tension for these saws.


Kit includes-

Two Tension Repair Tabs made from high strength Grade 5 Titanium Alloy

Four MIL Spec Heat Treated Solid Aluminum Rivets

Set of picture heavy detailed instructions


Install notes-

Takes about 15 minutes, uses simple hand tools such as a cordless drill, 1/8" drill bit and a hammer.

I can install this kit for you, please mail me your saw and select the installed option. Please allow 2 weeks turn around from the date that I receive the saw. Includes return shipping in price.


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